Thursday, February 27, 2003

Activists in Love

Dan Rather's interview with Saddam Hussein was broadcast this evening and Saddam came across as decidedly Stalinesque (I mean that in a good way) and looked surprisingly lifelike for a dead man.

So how did he play with the peace at any cost cohort? Well the Democratic Underground has some predictably unhinged commentary. According to one "peace activist:"

Saddam came across as a reflective,knowledgable (sp) person and Bush,who I had seen earlier,came across as usual as a kick ass,smart aleck, mindless moron who does not even know the meaning of empathy and soul searching and whose solution to any problem is to cut taxes on dividends and bomb Iraq.

Yes, "empathy" is the word that comes to mind when I think of Saddam. Empathy and the wisdom not to cut taxes capriciously.

Another imbecile for peace was positively dazzled by the Butcher of Baghdad:

He spoke of honor,patriotism,and history and they somehow seemed more than just rhetoric as we would get from Chimpy but seemed as if these are things he has reflected upon at great length.

Yes, Saddam is more authentic than Bush in many ways. Take repression for example. Sure John Ashcroft seems a bit heavy-handed at times but he's not in the same league as Saddam. I'm sure Saddam has reflected at great length upon the efficacy of physical torture vs. psychological torture.

And it's not just rhetoric . . . he's a reflective, knowledgeable person when it comes to tyranny. You can tell, he wants to do this the right way. No half measures. It's a matter of honor. I think we can all respect that.

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