Friday, February 14, 2003

Dennis Miller on Donahue

By mistake I tuned into MSNBC last night around a quarter to ten and become one of a handful of people watching the Phil Donahue show.

But I was richly rewarded. Dennis Miller was the guest and he was tearing into Donahue like a hungry wolf a PETA demonstration.

He had quite a few good lines in the remaining 2 minutes of the show that I happend to catch.

Regarding France Miller said. "The only way we'd get them to help us invade Iraq is if we showed them evidence of truffles there."

On Hillary Clinton's career he said, "She's ridden her husband's coattails. She's had to since there no room left on the front of the garment."

No transcript yet but you find it here when the time comes.

Maybe Donahue has finally hit on a formula for boosting his ratings . . . book sharp-tongued conservatives to rip apart the host and his sycophantic audience.

I'd certainly watch that.

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