Friday, February 14, 2003

Follow the Duct Tape

One thing about the current crisis is certain. Sales of duct tape are going through the roof.

And who benefits from this revenue windfall? You don't have to look far. The owner of DuckTape® brand adhesives is Manco which is in turn owned by the Henkel Company . . . a German chemicals conglomerate whose employees have frequently supported Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrat Party ( I would imagine).

Another profiteer is none other than 3M Corporation which proudly boasts that it is a "global" corporation with "more than half of our sales outside the United States."

What's the glue holding these companies together? Brown Brothers Harriman, of course, the same merchant bank that Prescott Bush used as cover for his global puppeteering throughout the 20th Century.

And guess what is the key ingredient in duct tape . . . PETROLEUM!

Now it all begins to make sense doesn't it?

Repeat after me -- NO BLOOD FOR DUCT TAPE!

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