Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Give Police a Chance

Frankly, I was concerned about the prospect of worldwide demonstrations in support of brutal fascist Dictator for Life Saddam Hussein this past weekend. Would such gatherings convince the undecided that the Coalition of the Willing is on the wrong side of history? Would the public tune out The West Wing and watch the Courtship of Uday’s Father instead?

Fortunately you can never underestimate the demonstration-prone to be their own worst messengers. Al Sharpton speaks out . . . Ken Livingston holds forth . . . Susan Saranwrap entertains the unwashed . . . and the signs, thousands of homemade signs just like these, and these,and this, and this, or costumes like these.

Just like the word "classy," these people cancel out their own meaning. They're not marching for peace . . . they’re pleading for help.

An appropriate chant: "The Whole World Is Watching . . .And Your Fly is Open."

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